Sri Gopalji Bajaj ’PARIKSHIT’ was born on 17th October 1956 in Hyderabad. His family comes from Nagour District Of Choti Khatu In Rajasthan. He was born as a son of  Sri Ramprakashji Bajaj And Sitabai Bajaj.He Started singing bhajans at the age of 14 and and since 40 years he is Offering Baba Ramdev. His first program was in JALNA(MAHARASHTRA) his Guru's Place. He thinks SHREE HARJI BHATI as his real Guru and Damodarji Devanayak Of JALNAas his guru where he started to sing.

He didn't have any education for singing. He tells his voice as BABA's Gift to him. His motivational teachers for his life are BHAVARLALJI BHAVAR-RAJASTHAN and Mohd.Rafi. He refers them as PRERNA STOTRA'S.He is also the chairman of Akhil Bhartiya BABA RAMDEV BHAKTI SANGAM HYDERABAD and  he has almost done 2800 JAMMA JAGRANS from South to North till now. Also he has got the offers of JAMMA JAGRAN out of the country. BABA's jamma has also taken place in CALIFORNIA, SHIP and AIRWAYS too.

There are many temples being built in INDIA on the name of BABA. He is also the Chairman Of Dharamshala being built in RUNICHA(RAMDEVRA) with a Multi Facility which has many things more than the FIVE STAR HOTEL.

He has built a temple similar to Runicha Dham in Hyderabad known as 'SHIVRAMPALLI' where lakhs of
devotees offer their prayers. This temple has 5 gods of KALYUG as shown in PAANCH SIDDHI. It is almost the area of 12,000 sq. feet surrounded with greenery and pleasant nature. It also has some 15 POOJARIS who handle all the work of temple. The temple has diffrent timings when BABA's Aarti takes place. Devotees offer CHURMA and many delicious DISHES as PRASAD and BHOG to BABA.

Today he is known as the 'KING OF JAGRAN' by people all over the world. He has recorded many of his
cassetes which are sold at the rate of LAKHS in number. He has his own SARASWATI SARGAM - a famous company that gives out BABA's Cassettes and CD's.


Sri SushilKumar Bajaj s/o Sri GOPALJI BAJAJ’PARIKSHIT’ was born on 27th July 1982. He started his career in age of 18. He is also a ‘Jamma Jagran’ And ‘Bhajan’ Singer. He has his new songs upcoming in future.